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Sunday, April 21, 2013


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Thank you for sharing on Sipsis. I know first hand about this. I fought for my life with hospital infections after a surgery. Many ER visits, doctor visits and no one. Thought anything about. Until it was almost to late. Finally a doctor on call had me admitted into the hospital. But no doctor came to check on me for over 24 hours. The nurse said she ddnt know why no doctor had come. It took my husband yelling at the doctor office across from the hospital. Finally someone came. By then granegreen had set in. I'm here today somehow. But what a fight I had for 14 months with wound vac. People need to know what to look for and make doctors check and check again.

Oh how awful -- each of us must pass on the word about this deadly bacteria. Just got another reply that tells the story too vividly. Oh so sad. . .

Received a bad phone call today. A neighbor of ours wife, 53 yrs old died today. Several months ago she was going to take a bath, did not check the temp of the water, stepped in slipped and fell in to very hot water. Got herself out, drove to the hospital. Husband was out of town. In the hospital one day or so, they sent her home. After about a day or so at home she became very ill. Went back to the hospital, St. Francis where she is a nurse. She was in hospital 72 days, Sepsis had taken hold, put her in a coma, never woke up, took her off life support today, lasted 15 minutes. Funeral Thursday. Somehow this does not seem right.

UPDATE -- her obituary listed her cause of death as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) not SEPSIS. WebMD says ARDS can occur when a major injury or extreme inflammation somewhere in the body damages the small blood vessels including those in the lungs. As a result, the lungs are unable to fill with air and can't move enough oxygen into the bloodstream.

WebMD also lists several possible causes, one of which is SEPSIS.

How very very sad!

Makes you wonder how many people die of SEPSIS but you never know because the cause of is often not listed at all or is listed like the above example. We have to be alert and aware of sudden violent illness after a minor injury. And should that happen we must DEMAND a simple blood test to rule out SEPSIS before it is too late.

Dear Readers: I had sent this out via email to a few friends before posting and thought you might like to see their responses. I got several thank you's and the following sad stories. Lucky one is a health practitioner who offered up great suggestions for everyone's first aide kit.

The following products are anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial: oregano oil, olive leaf, goldenseal, colloidal silver to name a few. These can be found at your friendly health food store for a very minimal cost and should be kept in our medicine cabinets. Also, another addition might be to encourage anyone taking an anti-biotic to be sure to be taking a pro-biotic 2-4 hrs. away from the anti-biotic dose to help cut down on the side effects of diarrhea and/or candidiasis (yeast overgrowth). PLUS it would be wise to double up on the pro-biotic for a few weeks when the round of anti-biotics are completed.

Hi, Judy. Thanks for the reminder. My mom had sepsis from an untreated UTI infection and my aunt from an abcessed tooth. It is rough. My mom survived thanks to her lung doctor; but my aunt passed away, from a tooth that should have been removed when she first asked to see the dentist. The nursing home had me pay for a program that sent the dentist into the facility. It is so sad when it is not caught....especially with the hospitals running an initial test and never looking at the results.

One friend a funeral director says they get LOTS of death certificates stating Sepsis is the cause of death.

Another friend says she lost two good friends last summer to Sipsis. Both were in their 60's and died within 4 days of minor foot injuries.

Another said her adult son is still unable to work since he was given the antibiotic Cipro after an accident last June. She is livid now that she knows the dangers of this commonly prescribe drug.

Another friend is still anxious that his daughter may loose her leg after getting a hospital related infection right after surgery.

If you have a similar story please leave your comments here.

Wishing all of us the best of health.

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